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Do you struggle with any of these concerns?​

A psychotherapy practice  in West orange dedicated to the emotional growth of adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families


If you are overwhelmed, choosing the right therapist can feel daunting at first.  The therapist’s experience and training matters; but also finding someone with whom you feel understood and can safely share your deepest thoughts and feelings is what lays the foundation for making changes.  My purpose as a therapist is to build a trusting where that can happen.
 Having a healthy, loving adult relationship 
Recovering from a recent or past trauma that impedes your current life
Coping with anxiety, depression, or bi-polar disorder
Your sexuality or sexual identity
Fulfilling your career goals 
Being an emotionally attuned parent  
Feeling stuck in addictive behaviors 
Adoption and attachment issues
Emotional aspects of AD/HD and learning issues

Serious and chronic illness